Ear Candling (with acupressure massage)


Ear Candling is an ancient practice that has been used by many cultures throughout the world. It is a relaxing holistic treatment which claims to have a variety of health benefits. Aromatherapy oils are used in the acupressure massage

Ear candles are hollow tubes made from unbleached cotton or linen dipped in beeswax. Other names given include thermo auricular therapy and coning.

What to expect

An ear candling treatment lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Following a consultation, you will lie on your side on the couch. An ear candle will be gently inserted into the ear.When the candle has burnt down the process will be repeated on the other side. A pleasant crackling sound is heard and it is extremely relaxing.

Once both ears have been treated, a soothing scalp massage or an acupressure sinus massage to the face and ears with aromatherapy oils will be given. 


Soothing and Relaxing

Ear Candling 45 mins £27




 Contraindications to treatment

Perforated ear drum, Inflammation of the ear, Tube implants (grommets)


 If you have specific conditions a course of treatments recommended



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