Reflexology Massage in

Nuneaton / Rugby (Pregnancy)


Reflexology is an ancient form of healing and a popular relaxing holistic treatment. It originated from the Egyptians and the Chinese. It was moved to the west by Dr. Fitzgerald who discovered zone therapy. Reflexology is a massage of the feet incorporating aromatherapy oils and acupressure points. It is available in pregnancy. 


Reflexology massage to the feet allows muscles to loosen up and let the blood circulate more freely. Stimulating the acupressure points on the feet has a therapeutic effect to the wellbeing.

Manipulation and massage applied to reflex points on the feet stimulates the nervous system. Reflexology helps to counteract stress held in the body. It is believed that each reflex point represents a specific part of the body. Thai foot massage also available.

Reflexology  60 mins



A full private confidential consultation 

45 minutes of pure indulgence of relaxation.

Massage to the feet and legs with pure aromatherapy essential oils of lavender,
peppermint, chamomile lemon or rose, etc.
Revitalising with acupressure points


To make a difference to your wellbeing a course of treatments

 is recommended if you suffer from specific conditions, anxiety or stress

Recomended 1 treatment per week



 Feel rebalanced and rejeuvenate your tired feet



Reflexology for fertility  Trying to conceive can be an emotional time. Reflexology can be beneficial for both partners to encourage relaxation and general wellbeing.

Reflexology in pregnancy A gentle foot and leg massage to help relax aching legs and feet in pregnancy. Reflexology can help with relaxation throughout pregnancy. Client must be over first trimenster. Dr/ midwives permission needed prior to treatment.Selected aromatherapy oils will be used.

Reflexology in childbirth One of the most anxious times for the mum. Reflexology helps to calm and help the birth go smoothly. Relaxes the nervous system, shiatsu acupressure inducing points can be used after the expected due date to enhance the birth.

Post natal reflexology After the birth, extra loving care is needed for the new mum. Reflexology helps new mums cope with the changes a new baby brings to her life by allowing a well earned rest and time for self indulgence. If breast feeding oils will be selected to suit the individual


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