Deep-Tissue Massage


is a form of massage that manipulates the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The holistic therapist focuses on releasing the deep fascia which surrounds muscles and organs. It helps to break up knots of muscles, nodules, tender muscles, trapped nerves and allows new oxygen and nutrients into the muscle.

Various techniques involve slow and deep pressure to release muscle tension. Friction is applied accross the band of muscle and stretching of the skin to release tension. Knuckles, elbows and forearms are used in the massage. Trigger point therapy will be applied if areas of myofascial tissue are contracted. 

Trigger points can cause many common conditions and ailments eg; pain in the joints, headaches, problems with shoulders, hips, hands and arms etc.


Who benefits?

  • Athletes and sport persons
  • Persons with chronic joint injuries
  • Persons with muscle injuries
  • Persons who suffer with stress
  • Persons who do repetative strain work
  • Persons who have desk, driving jobs etc




Deep-Tissue massage can target specific areas of injury or muscle tension.

Client will be given a full consultation.

Treatment time Ladies Only

30 mins for part body, back, neck shoulders or legs

but can target specific areas of injury ie shoulders back, legs etc

Recomended 1 treatment per week


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