Holistic Massage Consultation Innerkalm Nuneaton

Each holistic massage session includes a confidential consultation

This will include questions on medical history, illnesses, and lifesyle.

This is needed so that the appropriate treatment and the correct         

aromatherapy oils can be given to suit the individual.

If pregnant the client must be over the first trimenster for holistic massage


For shiatsu a full confidential consultation is needed following

the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This may be assessed by tongue diagnosis,

hara diagnosis, or by asking and looking at the client.



Innerkalm holistic treatments

should not be considered as a replacement for

 professional medical treatments.


 A Doctor should be consulted in all matters relating to health

 and especially in relation to any symptoms which may

 require diagnosis or medical attention.   

If you are unsure  always consult your Doctor first