Thai foot Massage Nuneaton

originated in India originated in India during Buddha s lifetime and spread to Thailand by the monks.

Similar to reflexology but this type of massage involves manipulation using stretching techniques and gentle pressure along the meridians (energy lines )of the body.


Thai massage is more energising and rigorous than more classic forms of aromatherapy or reflexology massage.

Muscle compression, joint mobilisation and acupressure are used during the treatment.

The treatment is mainly on the feet and incorporates the legs.

A thai massage stick is used for the feet and some of the energy lines.


Thai foot and leg massage 60 mins = £40

Thai foot and leg massage 90 mins = £50

After a full confidential consultation. Both hands and feet are used by the practitioner to apply pressure to the clients legs and feet. It usually takes place on a couch and oils may be used.

Thai massage may help

  • to relieve tension
  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • helps muscular skeletal problems
  • improves range of motion

Thai foot massage @ReCoop Health Nuneaton Warwickshire