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 @The WalkWellClinic  Rugby, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology are available 
Tel; 01788 537 300
Prices may vary 
All the therapies are available at ReCoop Clinic in Nuneaton
 please Phone direct to Innerkalm07932 628567
or you can e mail ; 

Opening Hours
Appointments are available in the day time or evening until 8pm.
Rugby Monday 9.30-4.30pm Nuneaton Wednesday 3-8pm
Nuneaton Thursday 10-8pm

Other times may be available
contact Innerkalm direct
07932 628567

Treatment Price List

Shiatsu * 30 mins £25
Shiatsu * 60 mins £38-£40

Reflexology * 45-60 mins £30-£38
Clinical Acupuncture 
(TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine  40mins £38-£40

Pregnancy Aromatherapy part body * Back, neck and shoulders or legs and feet 
*Pregnancy Aromatherapy Part body Back, neck and shoulders or legs and feet
30 mins * £25     45 mins * £30

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage 60 mins £38

Seated Acupressure/Shiatsu 30 mins £25
Indian head massage *  30 mins £25

Innerkalm Nuneaton /Rugby Prices March 2019
* Available in pregnancy

Private Medical Insurance
Some cash plan insurances are recognised for complementary therapies,
these include Simply Health, HealthShield, Westfield and Sovereign Health Care, Bupa. Bupacash plans recognise complementary therapies : Acupuncture, Reflexology and Reiki 

Please contact your provider to ensure that you are covered prior booking your appointment. Membership registration details can be provided. Innerkalm is registered with The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Payments must be received at the time of your treatment.   
Cash and cheques only are accepted, no card payments,sorry for the inconvenience.24 hours notice is required for cancellation or full price of treatment may be charged
To make a difference to your wellbeing a course of treatments is recommended, especially if you have specific conditions or injuries , suffer from stress, anxiety or muscular problems

Private Policy
Our privacy policies are currently being updated 

From £20
Gift Vouchers available for Shiatsu Acupuncture / Reflexology

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