Seated Acupressure Massage Nuneaton


is a form of massage that is fully clothed.

It incorporates acupressure points mainly on the upper body.

It is similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. The holistic therapist use fingers or thumbs in the points.


Seated Acupressure,

takes place in a specialised massage chair usually in the office environment.

Ideal for people who works at the desk or computers for a long time or a person who drives a lot of the time. 


Seated Acupressure,

may involve deep or light pressure with thumbs, knuckles or forarms and elbows along the energy lines of the body to release muscle tension


Seated Acupressure/Seated Shiatsu 


Recomended 1 treatment per week


Part of your corporate package

To make a difference to your wellbeing a course of treatments is recommended , especially if you suffer from specific conditions or injuries, stress, anxiety or muscular problems  

Ideal for any head, neck and shoulder tension                                        


Seated Acupressure is ideal for the workplace

 or community events  


Diploma of Seated Acupressure/Seated Shiatsu @ British School of Shiatsu London